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In 2019 More Brands are Going Direct to Consumer (Via Online)

In 2019 More Brands are Going Direct to Consumer (Via Online)

Direct to consumer, or D2C, has become a marketing phenomenon thanks to changing online shopping habits. Consumers are now buying everything from toilet paper to toothpaste direct and online. Take a look at some of the top brands succeeding in the D2C route, and what we can learn from them.

Trends that will redefine online retail in 2019

Trends that will Redefine Online Retail in 2019

Just a few years ago, online retail was by definition innovative. In today’s world, shoppers are used to this medium, and it’s the innovators that are capturing market share. The question is, how can you leverage these market trends in order to maximize your business potential? Read more to find out!

Ecommerce Highlights from CES 2019

eCommerce Highlights from CES 2019

Last week the CES, mega-conference was held in Las Vegas, and as always it was an extravaganza of innovation and big shiny objects. Never ones to leave you out of the loop, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest offerings from the worlds of retail, e-tail and ecommerce.

Top eCommerce Events of 2019

Top eCommerce Events of 2019

2019 is set to be a massive year for the ecommerce industry. When it comes to keeping one’s finger on the pulse, hearing about new trends, networking, and building your business these are the e-commerce event essentials.

The Asos Meltdown and the Importance of Data Insights

The ASOS Meltdown and the Importance of Data Insights

The ASOS surprising announcement of a profit warning comes at a time when it was supposed to be traditional brick & mortar chains that were struggling. Why did this happen, where were the blind spots and how to avoid them?

Our Top 5 Retail Predictions For 2019

Our Top 5 Retail Predictions For 2019

2018’s retail landscape saw some big changes, but it will be nothing compared to what’s in store in 2019. As technology continues to disrupt the space, and together with positive gains, here are our Top 5 Retail Predictions for 2019.

What Black Friday Teaches Us About The Holiday Season

What Black Friday Has Taught Us About The Holiday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have transformed the way consumers shop and spend and have altered the way that retailers – both online and off – relate to this time of the year. From pricing to inventory levels, search results to shipping deals, everything is affected. We’ll look at how successful organizations are adapting, and what can be learned going into the holiday season and beyond.

Ahead of Black Friday and Holiday Season 2018

Ahead of Black Friday & Holiday Season 2018

Just before we begin Holiday Season 2018, we wanted to look back over last year to help set expectations for the months ahead. We’ve cherry-picked the most interesting ecommerce stats from 2017 to see how well the industry performed, how it’s affected by the holiday season and try to determine who will be the winners and losers of this years season.

The Massive Growth of Grocery Deliveries Continues to Impact eCommerce

Online grocery deliveries continue to have a massive impact on the ecommerce ecosystem. This market is estimated to be worth $17.5bn and is growing actively with 5.5% of grocery shopping is done online. In 4 years’ time, 10% of all grocery sales will take place online. For any business in the ecommerce space, getting a deep understanding of these trends can be a catalyst to further success. With such a massive market, the opportunities are more than appealing.

Grocery Ecommerce Market

Grocery Ecommerce – The Multi-Billion Dollar Market

The ecommerce Grocery landscape has become one of the hottest areas of ecommerce today. Grocery ecommerce is set to outgrow in-store sales tenfold, and by 2022, nearly one-tenth of total grocery sales will be online. Early dominance of this space by players like Amazon has proven that data-driven insights are the key to carving out success in this highly competitive market. In preparation for the 2018 Groceryshop Las Vegas event, we’ve put together some key ways insights can contribute to success in this multi-billion dollar market.

Data Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights Can Turn Around A Business

Data-driven insights can have a very real impact on an organization. In some cases, they can even be used to turn around a business. Sam’s Club, for example, was at a turning point. Would it go the way of Toys ‘R Us and similar giant brick & mortar retailers? Find out how data-driven insights revealed incredible opportunities for the big retailer, and if they were instrumental in the organization’s turnaround.


Data VS. Actionable Intelligence

In a business environment where moving fast and smart are critical competitive advantages, sifting through data to find insights and trends could be the worst thing you can do with your precious time. Actionable data, however, when used correctly, is priceless. Real-time actionable insights, moreover, are precisely what smart organizations are relying on to propel themselves forward.

Insights: The Successful Organization's Secret Weapon

Insights: The Successful Organization’s Secret Weapon

Data, and specifically the insights uncovered from this data, have been used in the retail sector for a while now shaping decisions around stock strategies, pricing, and customer experience. As the shopping experience moves increasingly and adaptively online, these insights are becoming even more important. Take a look at the power and centrality of insights, and how your organization can harness these insights to boost your business.

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