Ahead of Black Friday & Holiday Season 2018

by | Posted on Nov 14, 2018

With a massive 2018 Holiday Shopping Season almost upon us, we take a brief glimpse back at what unfolded this time last year. We’ll use this to try and determine who will be the winners and losers for this year’s season and to help set expectations for the months ahead. A year ago, the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season was breaking all records, with plenty of surprises, big wins, and shocking losses.

You can download the full report here, and we’ve included some highlights below:

Just What Is The Holiday Season?

The Holiday Season traditionally begins in late November and continues with various peaks through to January. These “peaks” include Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. We paid particular attention to what Amazon was doing, given the huge impact they have on shopping sales in general, and online sales in particular. Daily Sales Breakdown

Figure 1: Daily Sales Breakdown

How Much Are People Spending?

The report highlights overall metrics such as total sales and total shoppers, and drills down to give more specific details into each metric (did you know that on Cyber Monday, Amazon had a 4.3x increase over a regular day’s sales?).

One of these insights was into how shoppers behave, specifically how much shoppers spend. The results were surprising: for example, only 4% of shoppers spent more than $1,000.

Shoppers’ Spend breakdown - Amazon.comFigure 2: Shoppers’ Spend breakdown Holiday Season 2017 –

What Were The Best Performing Brands And Products?

Who were the winners, and who lost out? Which old favorites made a comeback, and which new kids on the block were the most popular?

You would think that Apple would outgun Samsung, but this wasn’t the case. In fact, Apple tied with Sony for third place behind Samsung – and of course Amazon itself. The report is full of fascinating facts like these. Both in terms of overall brands, as well as categories and individual products.

Top 15 Best Performing Brands -

Figure 3: Top 10 Best Performing Brands –

Key Insights

Everyone is asking, “which categories are going to be hot this holiday season?”. “Which products are going to be the ‘dark horses’?”, and “Where should I be allocating my budgets if I want to take advantage of this holiday season?”

The 2017 report spotlights real actionable insights like these, answering specific questions. It shows which categories were up and by how much, which products hit it out the park, and where previous winners are beginning to fade.

For example on Black Friday, the “Toys and Games” category was up 4x on regular Friday sales. Given the closure of Toys ‘R Us and the struggle of other brick & mortar retailers, this category is shaping up to be a huge winner in 2018.

Another fascinating insight is that Cyber Monday sales extend well into Tuesday, meaning that organizations should forget about taking their foot off the accelerator at all over this period.

Get The Full Report

These highlights are just a taste of the information-packed 2017 Holiday Shopping Report including key takeaways that can immediately be applied in your business.

It’s the perfect companion to take into Holiday Shopping Season 2018.

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