Top eCommerce Events of 2019

Top eCommerce Events of 2019

2019 is set to be a massive year for the ecommerce industry. When it comes to keeping one’s finger on the pulse, hearing about new trends, networking, and building your business these are the e-commerce event essentials.

Our Top 5 Retail Predictions For 2019

Our Top 5 Retail Predictions For 2019

2018’s retail landscape saw some big changes, but it will be nothing compared to what’s in store in 2019. As technology continues to disrupt the space, and together with positive gains, here are our Top 5 Retail Predictions for 2019.

Ahead of Black Friday and Holiday Season 2018

Ahead of Black Friday & Holiday Season 2018

Just before we begin Holiday Season 2018, we wanted to look back over last year to help set expectations for the months ahead. We’ve cherry-picked the most interesting ecommerce stats from 2017 to see how well the industry performed, how it’s affected by the holiday season and try to determine who will be the winners and losers of this years season.


Data VS. Actionable Intelligence

In a business environment where moving fast and smart are critical competitive advantages, sifting through data to find insights and trends could be the worst thing you can do with your precious time. Actionable data, however, when used correctly, is priceless. Real-time actionable insights, moreover, are precisely what smart organizations are relying on to propel themselves forward.

Insights: The Successful Organization's Secret Weapon

Insights: The Successful Organization’s Secret Weapon

Data, and specifically the insights uncovered from this data, have been used in the retail sector for a while now shaping decisions around stock strategies, pricing, and customer experience. As the shopping experience moves increasingly and adaptively online, these insights are becoming even more important. Take a look at the power and centrality of insights, and how your organization can harness these insights to boost your business.

Data Is Transforming Retailer and CPG Ecommerce Decision Making

Data Is Transforming Retailer and CPG Ecommerce Decision Making

There is a lot of data out there, but if it’s not used correctly, it is not really a competitive advantage. Decision making for retailers and CPGs has changed tremendously as the amount of data available and the processing power of computers has increased. We’ll look at the factors contributing to this change, as well as insights into what this means on a practical level and what the future may hold.


eCommerce and The Global Expansion Trend

There has been a lot of focus on what has been unfolding in the US retail sector recently, whether it’s been the decline of Sears or the dominance of Amazon. It’s not just Western companies looking east that’s grabbing headlines. Chinese retailer is eyeing expansion in Europe, and has Amazon’s dominance there firmly in its sights.

Machines are Going to Level the e-Commerce Playing Field

Machines are going to  level the e-commerce playing field, and allow almost any participant to compete smartly with the likes of Amazon and Alibaba, as well as enabling the likes of Walmart and eBay to win back hundreds of millions of dollars every month from Amazon.

Fake Product Reviews Are Affecting Your Decisions – And You Might Not Know It

Many e-commerce intelligence solutions use ratings and reviews as a mechanism to predict things like seller performance, or sales of a product or brand. A common algorithm used in such products predicts sales performance based on reviews received. With what can be described as an epidemic of fake reviews affecting the major platforms, this metric will be wildly inaccurate.

Are the retail Brands you remember slowly dying?

“Sears is dead”. Such is the impression of retail bloggers such as Retail Archaeology, who have chronicled the fall of the legendary retailer. Business Insider predicts that “failure is a near certainty, according to industry watchers. Analysts are expecting Sears to file for bankruptcy within the next two years, and perhaps much sooner.”

Conversion Insights For Your In-Market Traffic

Customers’ online journey involves multiple touchpoints, with each step leading further down the conversion funnel. From in-market traffic first showing an interest in your product, to making the final purchase, this customer journey consists of many of these steps and specific touchpoints. Measuring, understanding, and reacting to these can make all the difference in becoming … Continue reading “Conversion Insights For Your In-Market Traffic”

Shoptalk Europe 2017 in Copenhagen

Come and meet Market Beyond at Shoptalk Europe 2017! Market Beyond is proud to be a Level 1 sponsor of this prestigious event, reflecting our position as market and thought leader in this space.

Meet Market Beyond

Meet Market Beyond

January 13-15, 2019 | NYC
We will be attending NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show - the world’s biggest retail conference, bringing together the largest gathering of industry executives from across the globe. 
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