How is traditional retail fairing, particularly in the face of the e-Tail explosion? Is there a future, who is struggling, and who is doing well…and what insights can be gained for both traditional retailers and ecommerce e-tailers, as we look ahead to the rest of 2018 – and beyond?

Who Will Be The Next “Toys 'R' Us”?

Who Will Be The Next “Toys ‘R’ Us”?

March 23, 2018, marked the start of what’s been called “the biggest, if saddest, Toys ‘R Us sale ever”. It’s the closing-down sale of a brand that has a special place in every kid’s heart, as it liquidates all its stores, roughly 700 of them in the US including Babies ‘R Us locations.

Toys ‘r Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And What It Takes To Survive: A Cautionary Tale

Toys ‘r Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And What It Takes To Survive: A Cautionary Tale

Toys ‘R Us has come crashing down, as irresistible – and arguably inevitable – forces brought the household name to the edge of oblivion.  What caused this? How can companies guard against this? What impact does this have on companies both online and off?

Amazon’s Next Big Move

Amazon’s Next Big Move

When it comes to e-commerce, there’s no doubt that Amazon is king – at least for now. They are so big, so influential, that what they do impacts the entire market. More than this, people follow Jeff Bezos’ company because they have continued to make successful moves into new areas, identifying new opportunities and new markets, and even creating some of these markets themselves.


eCommerce and The Global Expansion Trend

There has been a lot of focus on what has been unfolding in the US retail sector recently, whether it’s been the decline of Sears or the dominance of Amazon. It’s not just Western companies looking east that’s grabbing headlines. Chinese retailer is eyeing expansion in Europe, and has Amazon’s dominance there firmly in its sights.

Amazon: The Rise Continues

Our comprehensive report on the Holiday Shopping Season of 2017 had some fascinating insights. Experts have noted that perhaps most surprising was Amazon’s bigger-than-expected gains, and their dominance over the e-commerce ecosystem. Here, we’ll unpack this to get a deeper understanding of what they are doing right, and how you can benefit.

Battle Of The Titans: Traditional Giant vs Online Kings

It’s been called “the biggest retail battle of our times”, and is being followed closely by consumers and the market alike. Amazon, leading in e-commerce by a long way, is aggressively expanding into physical, brick & mortar sites; and Walmart, for so long the low price kings of the physical store environment, is moving aggressively into the online space.

Black Friday is Now a Global E-Commerce Phenomenon

Amazon’s Black Friday sales hit a record high of $2.4B across its three major sites in the US, UK and Germany. The US market dominated, as could be expected, hitting $1.8bn in sales; at peak hour, which was 1pm EST, there were 2m transactions taking place.

The New Battleground: The Rise and Rivalry in Online Groceries Sales

It’s the ultimate battle, a clash of titans, as two giants line up against each other to decide who takes the lion’s share of a trillion dollar market. Retail powerhouses Amazon and Walmart are poised to fight it out it over the $2 trillion groceries market – the online portion of which is estimated to be over $100bn by 2025.

Truly Understanding Consumer Journeys

What are consumer journeys, and why is it important to understand them? To answer this question, let’s look at a typical consumer looking for a good digital camera on your website. You’ve run a great digital campaign, and the consumer has just found the camera they want on your site. Just before they complete the purchase however, they check Amazon, and compare the product details.

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