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Be The First To Know

What if one of your competitors’ products was booming, and you didn’t even know about it? How about if some product is the hottest thing this season, and you don’t even stock it? What if you could gauge demand for any product and any category at any online store – and in real-time?

Mastering the Digital Journey – A Recipe For Ongoing Success

Staying ahead of the competition in the hyper competitive e-commerce market means winning the customer experience battle, and making sure you do what it takes to get shoppers coming back to your site. To get to the top – and to stay there, you have to optimize the digital touchpoints your customers experience, and understand the full customer journey.

Increase Your Conversions Now

Increasing conversion rates is a powerful multiplier for your business. What are some of the factors that influence this key ratio? Critical elements here are setting a competitive price point, ensuring that you have the product in stock, having top-notch content, being on top of SEO- keywords, and bringing the right traffic, in volume, to your store.

Market Share – What Do I Need To Know

You’re asking key questions: “What is my competition selling? At what conversion to sale, and through which channels? What is the real demand level for my products and categories, and am I underperforming?”

The Market Beyond

Measure Your E-Commerce Market Share

When most e-commerce transactions are not taking place on your retail site, how will you really know how to measure your product market share and conversion? Moreover, how can you measure the market share and conversion of competing products? In the absence of a single reliable intelligence data source, it becomes almost impossible to …

Market Intelligence

Get smart about your market research and consumer intelligence capabilities. Take campaigns to the next level, and make key strategic decisions with access to the best data and insights.

For you and your brand to reach new levels of success, it’s critical that you have the best marketing intelligence tools at your fingertips.

Market Research - Shoppers journey


By leveraging in-depth insights, you can get actionable, real-time information that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Know more about your market and categories, even down to product-level insights. Understand shopper behavior and the mechanics of comparison shopping, ensuring that you’re the winner when it comes to the $55 Billion spent by shoppers checking competitors’ stores before they make their decision to purchase.


As Category Manager, you can be the engine of a great e-commerce business, and the central player in their success. We help Category Managers identify key insights into buyer behavior and – crucially – enable you to drive growth. We will ensure that you source the right products at the right price, accurately forecast product demand, and promote products with competitive pricing while keeping margins high. All of this in real-time, and at product level.

Do you really know your competition?

Yes, you may know your online shoppers, and you keep great statistics about your website traffic, but you are missing something…
Arguably the most important thing there is to know, your competition’s KPIs.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your competition is selling?, what products convert well for them? What traffic drives best results?
Well, we have all t…

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Meet Market Beyond

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