Are Chinese phones on the rise?

Over the last years, Chinese smartphones are becoming more common outside of China providing improved quality and functionality. However, while Huawei and Lenovo enjoy good brand awareness outside of China, Xiaomi – China’s leading smartphone vendor, shows very low presence in top Western markets.
In this report we examine the performance of three Chinese representatives (Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei) and compare market share and sales against the two giants Apple and Samsung in three top markets: US, Germany and France.

  • 110 % increase in average for Chinese phones sales over the last 4 months
  • Chinese smartphones market share: 6% – Germany, 5% France, 2% US
  • 25 online shops are accountable for 50% of apple and Samsung sales. Only 7 of those shops sell Xiaomi Phones
  • There are no American websites that sell Xiaomi
  • American consumers reach out of the US to foreign websites to buy Xiaomi phones. Main shops for that are,,, and
  • Xiaomi is increasing its market share among Chinese phones over Q4
  • If Xiaomi would have sold via the top ten online shops, they could multiply their sales by 5

Over the past 4 months Chinese phones are showing a steady and very impressive increase of 110% in sales in those countries, however still only a small fraction of smartphones sales are of Chinese smartphones: 5% and 6% in France and Germany respectively and only 2% in the US.
While OnePlus has chosen an invite based sales strategy and Huawei is pushing towards increasing US awareness, Xiaomi, China’s leading smartphone vendor has no presence in the US online market.
Out of the top 25 websites that represent 50% of global sales for Samsung and Apple, only 7 (all non US) sell Xiaomi phones. With no US based websites selling Xiaomi phones, American customers are reaching out of the US and are buying Xiaomi phones in Canadian and Chinese websites with worldwide shipping.
Our study shows that by opening new sale channels through the top ten online sellers, Xiaomi could multiply their sales by 5 times!
With that in mind, it is interesting to see that Xiaomi is increasing its share among its Chinese competition in Q4 and we would closely monitor to see how Xiaomi improves over the next quarter.

The data enclosed in this report is taken from “2015 Q4 – smartphones market analysis” by Market Beyond©

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*Research represents Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi smartphone sells in Us, France and Germany

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