Conversion Insights For Your In-Market Traffic

by | Posted on Oct 9, 2017

Customers’ online journey involves multiple touchpoints, with each step leading further down the conversion funnel. From in-market traffic first showing an interest in your product, to making the final purchase, this customer journey consists of many of these steps and specific touchpoints. Measuring, understanding, and reacting to these can make all the difference in becoming an e-commerce leader.

You’re looking for actionable insights all the way down the conversion funnel. You want increased visibility to effectively allocate resources to your channels, and media investment feedback to make sure you’re getting the highest ROI possible. You need business intelligence to guarantee success for your business.

It’s Challenging, But It’s Also A Massive Opportunity

Meet Matt. Matt is an e-commerce director for a successful brand of extreme outdoor equipment. He’s responsible for the execution of the brand’s e-commerce strategy across all channels, including on the brand’s own “.com” domain, as well as other channels such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

Matt faces a number of challenges, the main one being getting insights into key areas that will let him turbocharge the e-commerce business from “good”, to world-beating. These insights are things like digital touchpoints for in-market traffic, full customer journeys for before shoppers get to his site and after they leave, and understanding the optimization of media and traffic sources. This becomes even more important – and complex – when it comes to keeping track of affiliates and other content partners that drive traffic to his brand.

One of Matt’s biggest pain points is that he is not exposed to conversion insights on third party sites like Amazon; meaning that a lot of his success is not attributed to him, and worse, it’s much harder for him to optimize and improve without the much-needed data being generated through other platforms.

Does Matt’s set of challenges sound familiar? At Market Beyond, we help people just like Matt plan and execute e-commerce strategies that propel businesses forward, providing the data and actionable insights that are simply not available elsewhere.

How We Help People Like Matt – and You

E-commerce is often won or lost on optimization. And in order to optimize, you have to know exactly what effects your decisions are having. Take paid channels for example. Should you be increasing your Facebook spend, or is that investment better spent on Google ads?

Market Beyond lets you evaluate your media investment ROI across all paid channels – start with understanding how each paid channel is contributing to overall market share (for example, 10% Google ads, 25% Facebook ads), and see which channels are converting best.

Like many brands, you may have invested in media placements on marketplaces such as Amazon, to advertise to shoppers who are already there, and thus drive conversions. What are the results of that investment? What is working for other brands? Evaluate your on-site merchandising placement conversion, and adjust your investment accordingly, ensuring that every placement is dollars well spent.

Measure the feasibility of starting or maintaining an e-shop on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, and of having all the stats at your fingertips – including how much such a store contributes to conversion, and how many consumer journeys took shoppers who bought brand X through the e-shop versus others – and many additional, critical insights. This helps understanding the value of the e-shop,and where your efforts are best spent.

As someone who understands e-commerce, you know that there’s traffic, and there’s traffic. Not just in terms of general quality, but also in ensuring that the right users are getting to the correct products and categories. Now you can determine your traffic conversion-to-sale by product and by category, sliced by source, including organic, paid, and affiliate traffic. This way you have no wasted traffic, and sky-high conversions as user and product are seamlessly matched.

In Summary

Gain deep, unmatched insights into where your shoppers come from, and where they

go to after visiting your products. Understand each user touchpoint all the way to the

point of purchase, and optimize your conversion funnel and media spend. Like Matt, you too can use Market Beyond to ensure your business experiences spectacular success.

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