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eCommerce Highlights from CES 2019

by | Posted on Jan 21, 2019

Last week the CES, mega-conference was held in Las Vegas, and as always it was an extravaganza of innovation and big shiny objects. Never ones to leave you out of the loop, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest offerings from the worlds of retail, e-tail and ecommerce.

Exciting Innovation

Hi-tech retailing was a focal point of CES this year, it even had its very own track, taking it completely mainstream. There were some incredible speakers and they all seemed to reiterate that in order to stay relevant companies simply must evolve. “Doing nothing is not an option” was somewhat of a mantra- reminding all companies that in order to compete they need to be early adopters.

Smart Personal Shoppers, Robots, AR and VR were all trending topics this year, but they came quite a distance behind concepts like leveraging technology together with authenticity, customer experience and personalization.

There were some fantastic sessions dedicated to using tech to understand behavior, reward loyalty and keeping customers top of mind, as well as leveraging data to provide a better experience. In one session entitled “The Experiences They Want, The Data You Need”, the key takeaway was “while consumers are having magical shopping interactions…savvy retailers are studying their every move or click, iterating better shopping experiences. Turning experiential shopping into actionable data is the ticket.”

China Represent

One of the booths making a splash this year was ecommerce giant, who were exhibiting at CES for the first time. Their fascinating display showcased how the company is able to deliver goods all across China at unbelievable speed. It also showcased their “Boundaryless Retail” concept, which is all about enabling consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it, online, offline, or even virtually.  And yes, they also have a drone delivery network, unmanned delivery vehicles for urban settings, and tech and robotic functions to make competitors green with envy.

What Are Amazon And Google Up To?

Meanwhile, Amazon was there in force, of course. Alexa was very much front-and-center, but Amazon was also leveraging the conference to promote their “marketplace growth” service. This service is geared towards 3rd-party sellers and costs up to $60,000 a year. The service provides 3rd-party sellers with an Amazon manager who gives personalized support.

Google meanwhile announced more rollouts and integrations for Assistant, their voice-powered AI service. Expect this to have a massive impact in ecommerce, as the company announced that they expect it to be on 1 billion devices around the world by month-end.


These are just a few of the many ways ecommerce featured at CES this year. It must also be noted that ecommerce has become an integral part of almost every exhibitor at the show, from beauty tech to the latest gadgets.

We’ll keep bringing you the latest news, trends and analysis from the world of ecommerce. In the meantime, get in touch to find out how your business can benefit from Market Beyond’s actionable insights.

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