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by | Posted on Dec 29, 2017

The fashion sneaker market is booming with Nike and Adidas competition rises to new levels. In a recent article by Richard Weiss and Thomas Muiler on Bloomberg Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted says “focusing on fast-fashion and stripping away non-core businesses like golf and hockey will increase profit more than expected, lifting the shares to a record”

The lifestyle market is a big deal for the large brands, so we decided at Market Beyond to publish our view of the market and share with you the real market dynamics. The following report provides a snippet of the fashion sneaker market, its based on US Amazon Shoppers. It depicts the leading Brands in the space including Skechers, Nike (Inc Converse), Adidas, Vans, and Puma.

Fashion Sneakers Market Share – Breakdown by Gender

Men sneakers market share

  • Skechers share ~ 30% of women fashion sneakers with 2.16% conversion to sales
  • Most popular line: Skechers d’lites
  • Adidas share ~ 16% of men fashion sneakers. Most popular line: Adidas Neo
  • Nike(Inc Converse) 15% of men fashion sneakers. Most popular line: Chuck Taylor
  • Vans share 14% of men fashion sneakers. Most Popular line: Old Skool
Market Share Highlights:
  • Skechers demonstrates the strongest view-to-buy ratio with a 3% conversion rate among women
  • Nike (inc Converse) demonstrates 1.2% conversion rate among women and men
  • Adidas demonstrates 1% conversion rate among women and men
About The Report
  • Scope: fashion sneakers market in the US
  • The sample size is based on shopping experiences of approximately 2% of entire US households.
  • Shopping period analyzed: January 2017 – February 2017
  • 95% statistical significance
About Market Beyond

Market Beyond is the next generation of e-commerce competitive analysis.
We generate insights by collecting and observing millions of e-shoppers’ decisions across the
online marketplace and provide brands with unique capabilities:

  • Measuring an accurate market share down to the SKU level across fragmented e-commerce space, identifying overt and covert competition down to the category and product levels.
  • Sampling e-shoppers’ demographics for any product and brand, understanding decisions and revealing the factors that drive conversion for specific SKUs and categories.
  • Tapping into shopping journeys; learning which products and brands are considered before making a purchase decision and which products and brands are frequently bought together.
  • Gauging real-time demand levels for products, validating the monitoring of trend waves and making accurate sales & marketing forecasts based on facts and decisions driven data.

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