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Do you really know your competition?

Yes, you may know your online shoppers, and you keep great statistics about your website traffic, but you are missing something…
Arguably the most important thing there is to know, your competition’s KPIs.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your competition is selling?, what products convert well for them? What traffic drives best results?
Well, we have all t…

how to choose a big data provider for eCommerce

How to choose Big Data solution for e-commerce?

No matter if you are a medium sized online shop or a massive brand, if you are selling online, then somewhere your competition is either right behind you or have already surpassed you.
In the fierce and competitive market online shops are facing today, having the right data is key to gaining significant competitive edge. It seems that…

Are Chinese phones on the rise?

Over the last years, Chinese smartphones are becoming more common outside of China providing improved quality and functionality. However, while Huawei and Lenovo enjoy good brand awareness outside of China, Xiaomi – China’s leading smartphone vendor, shows very low presence in top Western markets.
In this report we examine…

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Meet Market Beyond

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