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Data VS. Actionable Intelligence

In a business environment where moving fast and smart are critical competitive advantages, sifting through data to find insights and trends could be the worst thing you can do with your precious time. Actionable data, however, when used correctly, is priceless. Real-time actionable insights, moreover, are precisely what smart organizations are relying on to propel themselves forward.

Data Is Transforming Retailer and CPG Ecommerce Decision Making

Data Is Transforming Retailer and CPG Ecommerce Decision Making

There is a lot of data out there, but if it’s not used correctly, it is not really a competitive advantage. Decision making for retailers and CPGs has changed tremendously as the amount of data available and the processing power of computers has increased. We’ll look at the factors contributing to this change, as well as insights into what this means on a practical level and what the future may hold.



How is traditional retail fairing, particularly in the face of the e-Tail explosion? Is there a future, who is struggling, and who is doing well…and what insights can be gained for both traditional retailers and ecommerce e-tailers, as we look ahead to the rest of 2018 – and beyond?



Apparel, as a category, has been a key driver of retail sales for decades. But with major changes being experienced in the industry, many are wondering what the future holds.

Toys ‘r Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And What It Takes To Survive: A Cautionary Tale

Toys ‘r Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, And What It Takes To Survive: A Cautionary Tale

Toys ‘R Us has come crashing down, as irresistible – and arguably inevitable – forces brought the household name to the edge of oblivion.  What caused this? How can companies guard against this? What impact does this have on companies both online and off?

Are you getting the insights you need?

Understanding where your users are coming from, and making improvements at the top of the funnel, is certainly important. Unlike other companies that provide this information, and focus on increasing site visits, Market Beyond focuses on increasing conversion in the middle and lower parts of funnel by providing these product-level insights that are available …

Using Market Beyond to Boost Your Marketing

We provide marketers like you with actionable, real-time, product-level insights, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Using technology that incorporates deep-learning algorithms, we do the hard work behind the scenes to provide analytics with granularity down to SKU level for millions of products, covering the entire e-market universe and looking at billions of omni-channel e-shopping experiences in real time from across the entire e-shopping world. We enable you to take exact actions on catalogs consisting of millions of products, so that you win market share and reduce time to act from weeks and months – to hours.

Market Intelligence

Get smart about your market research and consumer intelligence capabilities. Take campaigns to the next level, and make key strategic decisions with access to the best data and insights.

For you and your brand to reach new levels of success, it’s critical that you have the best marketing intelligence tools at your fingertips.

Market Research - Shoppers journey


By leveraging in-depth insights, you can get actionable, real-time information that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Know more about your market and categories, even down to product-level insights. Understand shopper behavior and the mechanics of comparison shopping, ensuring that you’re the winner when it comes to the $55 Billion spent by shoppers checking competitors’ stores before they make their decision to purchase.

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Meet Market Beyond

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