As Category Manager, you can be the engine of a great e-commerce business, and the central player in their success. We help Category Managers identify key insights into buyer behavior and – crucially – enable you to drive growth. We will ensure that you source the right products at the right price, accurately forecast product demand, and promote products with competitive pricing while keeping margins high. All of this in real-time, and at product level.

Here are just some of the ways Market Beyond can ensure you achieve your goals:


Get real-time intelligence for top selling SKU’s which you are missing in your inventory right now.

Never miss an opportunity – or worse, never gift your competitors an opportunity – when it comes to top sellers. Now you can know what the top sellers are in each category and for each brand, drilling down to product level; identify competitors and know who else is selling what; source products at the right price to beat out competitors while still maintaining strong margins; identify clear winners which can become revenue drivers for your business; and have the ability to adjust in real-time to make changes and move quicker than the rest to capitalize on opportunities.


Now you can plan your promotions calendar using real-time product demand levels from across your e-commerce universe. See real-time demand for products your competitors are promoting and make your moves accordingly.

Market Beyond allows you to benefit from data generated from over a billion real-life e-shopping user scenarios, coupled with deep-learning algorithms. This lets you work smart: by taking advantage of timing to outsmart competitors, and ensuring you’re optimally placed to leverage demand spikes- gaining what amounts to an unfair advantage. Identify over- and under-performing products relative to demand, forecast demand before it builds up, and make your competitors play catch-up. Build up inventory at exactly the right times, in the right categories and with the optimal product mix, ensuring you aren’t caught with excess stock when demand is forecast to be low and you are ready to ramp up when demand will be high.


Identify price-sensitive products and set competitive pricing only where needed.

With Market Beyond’s unique solution, you will have the competitive intelligence to know exactly where the optimal pricing for your inventory lies, down to product-level. This enables you to source efficiently- and, as a Category Manager, sets you up for success right from the outset. Drive sales while protecting margins, ensure that your offering beats out all your competitors’, and be ready to take gains where available. Identify the impact of pricing changes on each category and product and assess the impact of promotions and seasonal shifts.


 ​​Improve your bargaining power with your suppliers by understanding demand levels across the entire e-commerce universe.

Access insights across markets, categories and products, including in-depth real-time product-level information that is critical in achieving your goals. Know what quantities should mean discounts, and be in a stronger position to get better deals from suppliers. Boldly expand product categories where necessary, and change the product mix to meet constantly shifting demand levels. Market Beyond’s solution lets you approach relationship with suppliers from a position of strength, enabling you both to achieve your business goals while providing you with accurate, solid data to back up your position in any negotiations.


As a Category Manager, you will agree that having accurate, real-time, in-depth data down to product-level is critical.

Not only does Market Beyond provide this, it also provides the insights to make this data actionable in real-time; ensuring that you provide maximum value and retain your rightful place as the critical component in your company’s success.

Ahead of Black Friday 2018

Ahead of Black Friday 2018

Looking Back at Black Friday and Holiday Season
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