How does Market Beyond leverage Big Data to work for you?


About Us

Market Beyond provides Fortune 500 companies with actionable, real-time, product level insights to increase market share. Market Beyond’s platform leverages machine learning, big data and uses e-commerce intrinsic technologies to provide the deepest most accurate insights from billions of shopping journeys across the e-commerce landscape. Retailers and brands are able to correct inefficiencies in pricing models, website traffic and conversion factors in relation to competitors on a daily basis, thereby ensuring growth by revenue and market share.

How does Market Beyond leverage Big Data to work for you?

Market Beyond has one of the largest and most accurate online opt-in user panels in the world. Data comes from various sources including mobile and web monitored devices, international ISPs and reference data provided by existing customers. The company aggregates billions of shopping transactions, which is then analyzed and enhanced, forming an international omnichannel online shopping landscape. This data is then used to create real-time, product-level actionable insights that help our customers win market share.

How is this product different from competitors?

We are an e-commerce analytics company. As such, we only focus on online shopping and understand it in the deepest way possible. Our machine learning algorithms were specially designed to handle the complex data world of online shopping. This unique and unified taxonomy allows us to map any product to its category, type, and features. Market Beyond is the only service that provides e-commerce analytics with product level granularity for millions of SKUs, based on real user shopping sessions across the entire e-market.

What makes Market Beyond unique?

Market Beyond enables retailers and brands to take precise steps to grow e-commerce market share. The company applies innovative, deep-learning algorithms and provide e-shopping analytics with granularity down to the SKU level for millions of products. Market Beyond covers the entire e-market ecosystem by looking at billions of omnichannel e-shopping experiences in real-time across all e-shopping channels. Our insights are up-to-date, accurate and detailed.

Who do you work with?

We provide solutions to leading Fortune 500 retailers and brands in multiple industries globally. Customers are using Market Beyond’s product-level insights in real-time, to increase e-commerce market share.

Is your data panel representative?

Our panel allows the company to draw product-level insight data with 98% statistical significance. When required, the size of the panel can be increased or certain segments can be ramped up to provide the required coverage.

What geographies do you cover?

Market Beyond currently covers all major e-commerce markets including North America, the UK, Germany, BRIC countries, and we are constantly expanding to new territories based on customer requirements.

What are the verticals that you cover?

We cover the entire e-commerce landscape including consumer electronics, sports, fashion & apparel, homes and gardens, groceries and CPG. The system is capable of self-learning which enables us to include new verticals as and when customers require.

Do we need direct integration?

No, Market Beyond insights are available for immediate use and do not require any direct integration efforts. Integration can also be done per customer needs, with existing BI systems.

How up-to-date are your insights?

Our insights are produced on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, reflecting specific real-time actions that will increase your market share.

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