Get smart about your market research and consumer intelligence capabilities. Take campaigns to the next level, and make key strategic decisions with access to the best data and insights.

For you and your brand to reach new levels of success, it’s critical that you have the best marketing intelligence tools at your fingertips.

Leading Brands are understanding that what was traditionally the retailer’s role is increasingly becoming the Brand’s turf, as Brands are increasingly going direct, and using digital tools to reach their customers. Market Beyond gives you the power to take your Brand’s future into your hands.

Get to know and understand your specific demographic groups, and know where your customers are coming from. Understand which campaigns are working, and how each product rates against your competitors’ offering. How do you rank against your competitors’ conversion to sale? What are your competitors’ top selling products?

Answer these questions and more by having a clear picture of your market landscape, identifying threats and opportunities, and tweaking key metrics with results in real-time.


Our innovative, deep-learning algorithms mine huge amounts of data to capture and report category – and even product-level – market share, so you can know exactly where you stand in relation to your competitors.

Market Beyond provides detailed market share reports, which include insights down to category and product-level. Instead of relying on data from different providers, whose accuracy is at best dubious, we stake our reputation on trust. You can trust Market Beyond as a single source of e-commerce market share data, with accuracy so precise you can be confident in presenting it to your CEO – or even on Wall Street.

Market Beyond calculates such metrics as total sales, units sold per product and category, average order value (AOV) for competitor brands, pricing, and demographics and gender segmentation.


Market Beyond lets you identify not only where your customers are coming from, but just as importantly, where they are going. Radically reduce customer leakage and brand switching, and understand your product-level competition, including areas where their offering is seen to be giving more value. Understand the factors that drive conversion for specific products and optimize to take advantage in these areas.

Your clients are constantly comparing your offering to your competition’s, and evaluating you against key metrics that are available just a click away. Ensure you attract and keep customers, building revenues along with long-term value.


Your loyal customers are one of your business’s most precious assets. Now you can measure customer loyalty, and identify covert and overt product-level competition.

Use accurate intelligence to provide your business groups with precise, actionable recommendations, and be the driver of conversions to sales. Building strong customer loyalty is a product of understanding your customers and tailoring their experience for them. Market beyond exposes you to all the information around your customers that you need, to keep them coming back.


Gather a deep understanding of your customers’ different demographic and gender groups, and accurately measure spend for any product and category in your market.

Know which customers are more likely to be interested in your different product offering, optimize to sell popular products together, and track campaign results for each customer segment.

This also gives you powerful tools to create effective marketing campaigns, and measure these and optimize in real-time.


We offer a comprehensive picture of your customers’ consumer journeys. Track these over time and learn key habits and behaviors.

Immediately recognize where customers choose an alternative to your product, and why. See which products are bought together, or within a similar timeframe. Identify areas of user experience that cause customers to abandon the sale, and optimize from acquisition to shopping cart.


Brands can no longer just be reliant on other e-commerce platforms and e-tailers’ data. They need to take their future into their own hands, and be able to go direct. Not only this, but they have to understand the tools at their disposal and what other brands and e-commerce platforms are doing, in order stay competitive.

Market Beyond is the only tool you’ll need to conquer the competition and stay relevant well into the future.