Market Beyond can provide exceptional insights for product management.

With real-time product-level intelligence, you can now leverage the hottest trends and consumer preferences.


Know which product features are working for you, and which need some work. Measure and act in a matter of hours, without having to wait weeks or even months.

Measure how different product features like colors, designs and size impact conversion. Market Beyond lets you identify trending features and scope their market potential, letting you benchmark against competitors and understand the potential market for each product. Our innovative, deep-learning algorithms provide analytics with granularity down to the SKU level for millions of products, meaning you can harness this power to ensure that you are maximizing conversions and sales, and have the right product in front of the right shoppers.


Your competition is watching your every move. It’s time to fight back.

Reveal how your competition is targeting your product designs, and even which specific models they may be producing in order to eat into your market share. Create product differentiation and measure product-level switching, all the while staying one step ahead of the competition.


Stay ahead of the curve. Market Beyond lets you gauge real-time demand levels and identify demand signals. Respond to and test new ideas quickly, and always be ahead of the competition.

By identifying trends, you can tap into existing demand waves and uncover products whose growth is exploding. We enable you to monitor changes in product demand in different segments and time periods, and not only plan for these, but also to react to changes in real-time.


Now you can identify the hottest trending products and growing niches.

Evaluate new market opportunities and potential, and keep your finger on the pulse of real-time demand levels. Not only can you boost your winners and get your timing exactly right, but you can also plan for success and outsmart the competition with insights that are based on Market Beyond’s data, analysis and actionable insights.


While many of those involved in e-commerce product management make decisions based on their own small sample of historical data or even “gut feel”, Market Beyond offers a solution that provides accurate, actionable product-level insights based on data that gives you what amounts to almost an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Armed with these insights, you can reduce time-to-act from weeks and months to hours, plan for the next top sellers, and leverage the hottest trends in real-time.