The Big DIPA Technology

Machine Learning & AI technology designed to deal with e-commerce complexity

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Matching & Classification

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI to automatically classify and categorize products across multiple e-commerce sites.

Behavior Analysis

Machine Learning classifiers which predict the relationship between user’s action and preferences (features) to conversion in any category.

Rich data set

Market Beyond algorithms make use of a rich and diverse set of data sources, including mobile, desktop, ISPs, ad networks and ground truth data. This complex data set allows trusted decision-making.


No response bias, eliminate selection bias and validation against ground truth data.

How to it works

Discover how Market Beyond technology can accelerate your e-commerce growth

Ahead of Holiday Season 2018

Ahead of Holiday Season 2018

What about Black Fridays past signals about the holiday's future?
Stay ahead of Holiday Shopping Season 2018 by looking back at what unfolded this time last year. Including Top Brands, Top Categories, Key Takeaways, and more!